We spend plenty of time online chatting with our virtual friends on Myspace or Facebook, Tweeting, Digging, etc. In fact, we spend so much time online that it is sometimes hard to believe there’s an “actual” word where these networks do not exist.
However the virtual reality is growing fast and we have less time for the “offline” life – this is even reflected in the clothes we wear.

These t-shirt collection is dedicated to all social media and web 2.0 users who already can’t live without social networking:

1. “I Submitted to Digg but All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt”

2. “I’ll Google Your Yahoo”

3. “You Look Better on MySpace”

4. “You Are So off My Buddy List”

5. Anonymous Twitter T-Shirt

6. “I am Huge on Twitter”

7. “Tom is not My Friend”
Who doesn’t know Tom of MySpace (who has recently joined Facebook by the way):

8. “I Have More Friends Than You (on Myspace)”

9. The Original Search Engine

10. “I Am Your Web Mistress – You Must Submit”
Source: http://www.dirjournal.com/shopping-journal/top-10-web-2-0-ish-t-shirts/

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