When you live in a city that’s infamous for its traffic, you tend to appreciate funny signs a whole lot more. Here are a dozen hilarious ones found by travelers from around the world:

1. Note to Women…

2. Santa is SUCH an Elitist

3. Today’s Happy Meal at McCannibal’s…

4. Hmmm… Let’s not go there

5. Or there…

6. In case you were wondering…

7. Warning to Those on Wheelchairs

8. No choice, really

9. Missing: Imaginary Friend (and Sanity)

10. Huh?

11. Instant death is not enough

12. Regular thieves … no need to worry
Source: http://desktopdiva.i.ph/blogs/desktopdiva/2010/01/09/12-wtf-signs-from-around-the-world/

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