A few years ago the Guiness Book of World Records named Mrs. Mounds to have the largest bust in the world. With skillful help from doctors more contestants are now battleing for this ackward honour.

1. Chelsea Charms
Commonly regarded as the woman with the worlds largest enhanced breasts. Chelsea is reported to have 10000cc implants helping each of them to reach a whooping weight of 11.8 kg. Her bra-size is 61MMM

2. Maxi Mounds
Although the Guiness World Record holder, Maxi Mounds comes in second with her bra size 36MMM and an amazing 9kg per breast weight.

3. Sabrina Sabrok
Sabrina Sabrok is aiming at taking first place and have recently had her bust increased with 5000cc implants.

4. Crystal Storm
Reported to have a MMM cup-size

5. Mistress Rhiannon
 Reported to have a MMM cup-size

6. Minka
The asian woman with the worlds largest bust and 44KK bra-size

7. Teddi Barrett
Reported to have a JJJ cup-size

8. Lolo Ferrari
Lolo was for a long time regarded as having the worlds largest implants with her 56J size.

9. Kayla Kleevage
A veteran in the rated movie industry filling a massive 50II bra.

10. Keisha Evans
Reported to have a 32T cup-size by the aid of 6000cc implants.

Source: http://www.top10list.com/top,10,largest,tits/top-ten-biggest-boobs.asp

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